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Gordon Monro — Difference Engine: Genetic Crossfades (Video)

High-definition video (720p), no sound, duration 32 mins (2012)
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Difference Engine: Genetic Crossfades is a video that was created to accompany showings of the Difference Engine series of prints. It is not intended as a stand-alone work.

The video shows patterns generated by a miniature evolutionary process. Each pattern has DNA (essentially a small mathematical formula) that generates the image. The process was run for 90 generations of breeding and mutation (inspired by evolution in nature), and in each generation the "best" pattern (as determined by the computer) was picked out; "best" meant most different from all the others in the current generation. The movie consists of genetic crossfades from one best-in-generation pattern to the next, where the DNA is what is crossfaded, not the image itself. The entire generative process was automatic, without intervention by the artist.

The evolutionary process is that same as that used to create the Difference Engine series of prints.


'Difference Engine: Genetic Crossfades' still 1 'Difference Engine: Genetic Crossfades' still 2 'Difference Engine: Genetic Crossfades' still 3

Video (extract)

An extract (2'27") from Difference Engine: Genetic Crossfades.

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The video is related to the Difference Engine series of prints.

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