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Gordon Monro — Exiguous Cubes (Installation)

Lego sculpture and computer program (2008)
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To make an Exiguous Cube in two steps:

Step 1: Add bricks. Place 2 x 4 Lego bricks at random in a 29cm x 29cm x 29cm cube, until no more will fit.

Step 2: Remove bricks. Choose a brick at random. Apply a test: the brick passes the test if it can be removed while leaving the eight corner bricks connected to one another. If the brick passes the test, remove it. Continue choosing bricks at random and applying the test until no more bricks can be removed.

The result is an Exiguous Cube: all the eight corner bricks are connected to one another, but if any brick is removed, the corner bricks won’t all be connected to one another by continuous chains of Lego bricks.

The installation consists of two components, a physical Exiguous Cube constructed out of Lego bricks and a computer program continually generating new Exiguous Cubes.


Lego Exiguous Cube Screenshot from the generating program

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