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Gordon Monro — Hexa: Proximity (Triptych)

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Hexa: Proximity (Triptych) is a large work related to the Hexa: Proximity series of prints, where points are set up in a specific hexagonal pattern and nearby points are joined by lines.

Hexa: Proximity (Triptych) has the same pattern of points and lines as Hexa: Proximity (5, 5), but the lines in Hexa: Proximity (Triptych) are relatively much thinner, so the visual appearance of the larger work is much more open and lacy.

The work is presented as a triptych (in three vertical strips) for practicality.

The combined work is 2.7 m x 2.4 m. Edition of 3. Date: 2018.


The print 'Hexa: Proximity (Triptych)' The print 'Hexa: Proximity (Triptych)', detail 1 The print 'Hexa: Proximity (Triptych)', detail 2

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