Gordon Monro — Nanocosm prints

Gordon Monro — Seven Windows into the Nanocosm

Computer-generated digital print in seven panels

A large central portion of the Nanocosm.

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Shows a large portion of the world of Nanocosm, fairly late in its evolution of the Nanocosm. Seven hexagonal digital prints, each 100 x 115 cm. The assemblage has size 310 x 290 cm. Edition of 3. Date: 2017.


The composite print 'Seven Windows into the Nanocosm' The central panel (panel 1) Panel 3 Panel 3: detail Art Gallery of Ballarat (only the centre was lit) Preliminary version (Monash University)
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Seven Windows into the Nanocosm is part of the Nanocosm grouping of prints. This grouping of prints is related to the Nanocosm installation.

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