Gordon Monro — Nanocosm prints

Gordon Monro — Picocosm prints

Computer-generated digital prints

Images of a small central portion of the world of the Nanocosm, taken from the world as it evolved.

Picocosm 1 to Picocosm 7: Each print is a hexagon 31 x 36 cm, unique state (edition of 1), 2017.

Picocosm 8 and Picocosm 9: A2 size prints (42 x 59 cm) on Duratrans film for display in a light box, unique state (edition of 1), 2017.


The print 'Picocosm 1' The print 'Picocosm 2' The print 'Picocosm 3' The print 'Picocosm 4' The print 'Picocosm 5' The print 'Picocosm 6' The print 'Picocosm 7' The print 'Picocosm 8' The print 'Picocosm 9'
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The prints here are part of the Nanocosm grouping of prints. This grouping of prints is related to the Nanocosm installation.

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