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Gordon Monro — Other People's Paths

Computer-generated digital prints
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Other People's Paths is a diptych of digital prints. In both images, paths start at points around the perimeter of a hexagon and travel towards the diagonally opposite points. In the first image, Divergence, existing paths act as obstacles: new paths would rather go via untrodden territory than join in with existing paths. In the second image, Convergence, new paths find it easier to join in with existing paths than to strike out on their own.

The images were made by a computer program written by the artist. The program uses the so-called A-Star algorithm, which was developed for robotics but has found wide application in computer games.

Other People's Paths is related to the Hexa series of prints.

Digital prints, each panel 87 x 100 cm (H x W). Edition of 6, 2019.


The print 'Other People's Paths (Divergence)' The print 'Other People's Paths (Convergence)' The print 'Other People's Paths (Divergence)', detail The print 'Other People's Paths (Convergence)', detail

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