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Gordon Monro — Drum Mask Video

Video on DVD with surround sound, duration 7 mins 4 secs (2009)
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Drum Mask is an abstract animation, based on the vibrations of an idealised drum.

At the start of the video the drum has just been struck with a circular mallet, at the lower left of the screen. We then see a cross-section of the resulting vibration, in slow motion. The vibration is the result of the interaction of many different modes of vibration. Each mode has its own characteristic pitch, and we hear a kind of cross-section of these pitches.

The piece was created by software written by Gordon Monro.


'Drum Mask' video: still 1 'Drum Mask' video: still 2 'Drum Mask' video: still 3


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This work by Gordon Monro is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 Australia Licence.

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The Drum Mask video is related to the Cloud Drum grouping of prints and the installation Cloud Drum.

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